• Tier 1
  • $ 5 00 /mo
  • 10 GBDiskspace
  • 100 GBBandwidth
  • UnlimitedDomains
  • UnlimitedEmail
  • UnlimitedDatabases
  • DailyBackups
  • Tier 2
  • $ 8 00 /mo
  • 15 GBDiskspace
  • 200 GBBandwidth
  • UnlimitedDomains
  • UnlimitedEmail
  • UnlimitedDatabases
  • DailyBackups
  • Tier 3
  • $ 11 00 /mo
  • 20 GBDiskspace
  • 300 GBBandwidth
  • UnlimitedDomains
  • UnlimitedEmail
  • UnlimitedDatabases
  • DailyBackups

// Our Services

We offer the following services to all clients upon sign up

Premium Hosting

Each Web Hosting account offered is designed to be a premium hosting solution. From our datacenter to our server hardware we are proud to be a premium web host.

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Cloud DNS

All of our Web Hosting accounts come fully equipped with our Cloud DNS structure. This global DNS cluster allows for clients all over the world to access your website quickly and accurately.

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Daily Backup

To increase reliablility all accounts are backed up daily in a remote datacenter. This is a free feature that we provide with all Web Hosting accounts.

// Our Story

NodeWest was founded in July of 2013 by a group of developers to make Web Hosting easier for you.

About Us

Have you spent ages searching the internet for that perfect web host? Perhaps looking for the one that is built on a small business platform and provides top notch customer service to all of its users? NodeWest can provide high quality Web Hosting packages along with the passionate customer service that you, as a user, are looking for.

All of our servers are managed by industry professionals that can keep your website online for your users to enjoy. Our goal as a small business is to provide dedication and transparency so that you know you are receiving 100% of our staff resources at all times.

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Why Choose Us

Hosting Platform

With our web hosting platform we can guarantee a 99.9% uptime as well as system redundancy so that you don't have to worry about your data.

Customer Verification

To protect our customers we verify all orders that are placed before providing services. We monitor each server for fraud and spam to ensure that your account is safe.

Customer Service

Here at NodeWest we believe the customer comes first. We provide 24/7/365 top notch customer service. We believe in transparency so that you will always know what is happening with your account every step of the way.